Vardan Ovsepian Original Music
Valentina Ranalli Original Lyrics

On your skin, I saw my brand new life blood begin…
And despite of death I would breath.
Gee, if you were here I would love you my dear,
Read my life in your body lines.
Like a brave-hearted sculptor
I’d fix you, I’d fix your way
Don’t go away, please let me stay still today…
On your skin, where I am sure my hands want to lean…
Let me paint my name, let me carve
A new sunny path a fairy tale…
Choose who you wanna be,
I’ll be your fantasy.
I can be an astronaut, a waiter or a simple farm boy with the
strongest strongest hands you’ve ever seen
Just for you, just for me.
And like the greatest showman in the world
I got a peek just behind the scene
I saw you singing this new chorihno for me on your skin
That only wants to land…
On my skin
Where I saw my new life blood begin
And despite of death I would breath
Gee, now that you’re here I love you dear…
Love is the biggest trick two people can do if they are freak
Mad, as I am that mad for you.